Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of loan programs do you offer?
  1. Bridge Loans
  2. Fix N Flip Loans
  3. Long Term Rental Loans
2. What property types do you make loans on?
  1. SFR 1-4
  2. Multi-Family
  3. Condos
3. How long does it take to get a loan?
  1. Short Term Loans – our process can take as few as 5 days.
  2. Long Term Rental Loans – all of our loans can be closed in less than 21 days.
4. What States do you lend in?

We lend in 46 States. Currently, the only States we don’t lend in are: NV, ND, SD, VT, UT, ID, MN

5. What is your Prepayment Penalty?
  1. Short Term Loans – there is no PPP.
  2. Long Term Rental Loans – we can structure loans with no PPP or up to a 3 year PPP.
6. What is needed to start the process?
Our application process is simple. We don’t ask for Tax Returns, W-2’s, Paystubs, etc.  Just fill out our application form here and or contact us by email or phone.  [email protected] or 800-745-9280
7. What type of experience do I need to qualify?

We can work with Real Estate Investors at any point in their career. Even Investors that have yet to purchase their first property.

8. Do you offer financing for the rehabs on my project?

We will finance 100% of your budget as long as the ARV meets our guidelines.

9. What is the lowest credit score you will accept?

We use a FICO score of 640 as a rule. But, we do look at the overall credit history.

10. Do you work with Brokers?

Yes! We love working with Brokers.

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